Swatka.com was created over 12 years ago from the ideas of Polonia living in the United States. The goal of this Portal is to create a place that will make it easy to search, and connect with single Poles that live anywhere in the world. Polish singles that live in Poland and in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, EU countries and practically anywhere in the world now have the place where this will be easy and available anytime.


Swatka™ has always been the leader in the use of the newest technologies such as Audiotext, which for many years has been very popular in the United States. Swatka.com is the internet version of Swatka™ offering the latest Multimedia Technology which cannot be found on other competing dating portals. Our members are able to communicate using the following methods:

  • Traditional Email messages.
  • Text Chat – live connections.
  • Video Chat – live, allowing you to connect with other users that are logged in.

Swatka.com is helping you to search for a partner in Poland, but also all over the World, wherever there are people of polish origin. We are very familiar with Polonia in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and in all of Europe, but also in very exotic countries such as Singapore, China and Japan. Using these modern Multimedia methods you are able to connect and talk to all those that have already found you and are waiting to meet you.


Swatka.com is matching singles in Poland and Polonia worldwide.

Helping you to find love without borders.


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age 29,

(Poland, Wolsztyn)

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age 45,

(Poland, stargard szczeciński)

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age 77,

(Poland, Krakow)